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Avigliana as a town of approximately 12,000 inhabitants, situated at the east end of the Susa Valley (Val di Susa) about twenty miles west of Turin. It is 383m above sea level, at the base of Mount Pirchiriano on which stands the Sacra di San Michele. It is the most densely populated and industrial part of all of Val di Susa.

Avigliana is most famous for its two glacial lakes, simply named the Great Lake (Lago Grande) and Small Lake which form the Natural Park area, which is home to many species of birds including herons, mallards and moorhens. The Great Lake is famous for water sports including sailing, canoeing, water skiing and wakeboarding; all of which can be arranged through FlowCasa.

These lakes, the Sacra di San Michele, the Castle and the old medieval town centre are the main tourist attractions. Interesting architecture includes the Shrine of the Lady of the Lakes, Certosa of Saint Francesco, Saint Johns Church in Piazza Conte Rosso, the Church of Saint Maria Maggiore, Saint Peters Church, the Castle and the medieval city walls and gateways into the hamlet town.

Avigliana is also home to Nobel’s Dynamite Museum – Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and is now more famously known for the Peace Prize subsequently named after him.

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