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Bussoleno Camping Campsite and old B&B Guesthouse between Turin and Frejus Tunnel

Bussoleno Camping Campsite – holiday B&B Guesthouse nearby to Susa in Italy

Bussoleno Camping and Guesthouse in the Natural Park nearby Susa, in Val di Susa, Italy. Unfortunately Tim is only now allowed friends to stay for camping in Bussoleno, that he knows and have contacted him in advance of their arrival. The old FlowCasa is officially closed since July 2015 due to licensing issues with the local comune and them not liking Tim bringing tourists from the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Holland to spend their money whilst staying on the campsite at Bussoleno.

Bussoleno Camping – free holiday B&B Guesthouse for MindScape, nearby to Susa in Italy

Tim is also now working with The MindScape Project, a UK not-for-profit organisation that offers free holiday recuperation breaks in combating social isolation, for the homeless and those with mental health issues. Unfortunately for the local community, these guys don’t spend upwards of 800-1000€ per week in the local bars and restaurants like the old holiday guests did quite regularly.

As food, tools, livestock and seeds for farmwork, construction materials and artistic equipment are always required for MindScape  – Tim will often lets previously announced friends stay with him, in return for an advanced donation to The MindScape Project, for whom he provides free holiday camping at Bussoleno. For further information regarding this, or if you are want information about making a donation or are having problems, please contact us. The campsite has two external hosepipes for cooking, washing up and offering warmish to hot showers in the Italian sunshine. For the bunkhouse, there is an internal bathroom offering 20 litre night-time economy shower, toilet, basin and bidet facilities. Given that spring/summer/autumn air temperatures are usually between 22 and 45c, most people prefer the external showers anyway.

For children there is all the trees to climb, plenty of open mountainside, and a small river adjoining the property. Also all the animals.

Please note that there is no acceptance without previous reservation confirmation, and friends must have Tims email confirmation before arriving.

Donations from Tims friends are required in advance for The MindScape Project, and are based upon FlowCasa’s old pre summer 2015 prices:

Double room – 35€ per night,
Double room (single occupancy) – 25€ per night,
Camping in Bussoleno (adult) – 10€ per night, (child aged 3-14) – 5€ per night, (child 0-2) – free.

The old Bussoleno Camping Campsite and B&B Guesthouse is located between Turin and Frejus Tunnel, at Longditude/Latitude coordinates 45.145766, 7.141339. The postal address should you wish to write is Tim Wade, Via Mameli 37, Bussoleno, Torino, 10053. ITALIA:

The description of the old FlowCasa Bunkhouse and Campsite on TripAdvisor before it closed down was:

“FlowCasa is a hotel, a B&B guesthouse (or Bunkhouse as we call it) and secure picturesque campsite. We offer snowboarding and skiing holidays to Bardonecchia, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere, and summer hotel, guesthouse or camping breaks close by to Susa and Bussoleno. Cultivated foundation in Italian snowboarding & skiing holidays, European surfing trips and Outdoor Adventure and Enjoyment Holidays in the Susa Valley in Italy. Sure guidance in top-level Alpine mountainous vacations, adventurous training and pursuits, and sports coaching in Europe. Or just chill out, relax, and enjoy the idyllic Italian scenery amongst great people, food and wine. It is named after the snowboarding definition “Flow” and the Italian word “Casa” meaning house”.

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