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Directions from Turin Airport/Torino Casalle

Please note: These are directions to Tim at Bussoleno. All other Val di Susa destinations are along the same railway line.

Go out of arrivals at Turin airport and in the hall there is a kiosk. Get a ticket (they all speak English at the airport) for Torino Centro (Turin Centre) – the last stop of the bus is at Torino Porto Nuova train station. The bus is immediately outside, a blue bus with “Torino Centro” on the light on the front.

When you get off, turn left off the bus under the archway and cross the road where the buses and trams pass, and the next building on the right is the train station. Go in, walk through and you’ll come to the trains with the big overhead departure board, like any London terminus station. To the right and back on yourself is the “Bighlieterria” (ticket office). “Bighlietti per Bussoleno, per favore” (“ticket for Bussoleno, please”) (you might be lucky and get one who speaks English), and then look at the departure board for the first train to either Bardonecchia or Susa – both stop at Bussoleno, but the Bardonecchia train is slightly faster as it skips about 5 of the stops. You have to stamp your ticket in the machine at the begining of each platform before you board the train (you’ll see other people doing it) to validate the ticket. Call the telephone number we give you on booking when you board the train, and we’ll come down and meet you!

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