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Estelle Balet, FIS Freeride snowboarding champion, killed in avalanche at Orsieres, Switzerland

Estelle Balet, FIS Freeride snowboarding champion, killed in avalanche at Orsieres, Switzerland

A young but very experienced and great FIS Freeride snowboardress, Estelle Balet, was killed in an avalanche at Orsieres, near Switzerland’s southern border with France in The Alps. She was one that should really have known better. With the warmth and snow conditions we’ve had this whole 2015/16 season, she should have really known better than to be going offpiste at the end of April, even at her high competitive level and standard.

Whilst you have to respect her lifetimes experience of doing offpiste snowboarding, unfortunately her overconfidence here has obviously cost her ultimately; her life. She should have really had the knowledge and experience to know better.

And it just goes to show with all the professional skills in the world, top level funding and sponsorship, health and safety regulation, and all the latest state-of-the-art and technological safety equipment that is possible today (avalanche beacons, aitbags etc): when it’s time to roll a 7, it’s time to roll a 7. Very sad but also very true!

Tim Wade is 45 years old at the time of writing, with 25 of mountain leadership, navigation and instructional experience – he has never lost a student or even had one rescued or casivac’d. If you’d like further information regarding snowboarding, skiing, climbing, mountaineering or hill walking with Tim Wade as Mountain Guide, then please click here, and you can read recommendations from many of Tims clientel here.

Rest in peace Estelle Balet!

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