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Job: Cameramen/women

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Title Cameramen/women
Categories Camera, Set, and Lighting Specialists
Job Information

Cameramen are one of many staff on set in news, film, or movies. These professionals are responsible for shooting the actual footage. They may work in a vast range of settings, from studios to live events.

Careers as a cameraman usually require videography and technical training related to camera operation. Although not essential, Bachelor’s degree programs have helped applicants hone their creative filmmaking skills. Experience may include digital cinematography, scriptwriting and broadcast design. Most programs also require studio courses that help aspiring cameramen to hone their camera operation techniques.

Preparation for a career as a cameraman may also involve visual communication or public relations coursework as well as video editing and photography classes. Career training in journalism or public relations may be required for a career in cinematography. Applicants may also consider taking courses in computer graphics, digital media, and studio operations to enhance their computer and broadcast equipment skills.

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