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Data Entry
Title Italian Restaurant/Pizzeria Data Entry Researchers
Categories Data Entry
Salary OTE £38400 per month
Start Date 2016-04-29
Location Residents of Australia, Canada, Europe (must have good spoken and written English Language skills), Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the USA
Job Information

Data Entry Researchers

We’re recruiting work-from-home Data Entry Researchers for a high commission based (be sure to keep reading, as it’s very lucrative) work-from-home job, which can be done from anywhere on the internet.
This Data Entry Researchers role is for a business directory of fine “Italian” restaurants and “Italian” pizzeria’s (worldwide) – our client wants top quality Italian restaurants and pizzeria’s only. Kebab Joe from Tunisia’s pizza takeaway is not good enough, and will not be included, so please don’t waste your time. All establishments must be Italian run or staffed.
What we need is researchers to load our clients database with basic contact details for them all, in all English speaking areas worldwide (list of countries presently required is above) and these must be impecably researched on Google, phonebook, yellow pages, collecting business cards – wherever you like.
You will HAVE to enter on our clients website:
1. Restaurant name,
2. Restaurant full address including postcode,
3. Restaurant full phone number including country and area code, ie +44 1234 123456
5. Restaurant email address
This restaurant will then be attached to your personal affiliate account.
Our clients sales team will then email (the website will do it automatically) the restaurants you have entered, inviting each to claim their restaurant, and to add a map, menus, description etc – and this will form their basic free listing.
Our clients sales team will then urge all restaurants to “upgrade” to a featured listing – top of the list in area categories, searches for menu items etc, and a random set featured on the homepage of the website. Of course they want the extra clientele for their establisment, and for the price of ten pizzas per year: they will upgrade their listing!
For each that YOU enter, and DOES UPGRADE to a featured listing – we will pay you £20.
Meaning if you can research 1 restaurant/pizzeria per minute on the web, or enter 1 per minute from business cards, and add 60 per hour, and work ONLY 3 hours per week. That is 180 on your Researchers account per week, or 720 in your name per month. We estimate that 10-30% will upgrade to featured listings:
1. 20% of 720 is 144, multiplied by £20 is £2880 per month to YOU.
2. 10% of 720 is 72, multiplied by £20 is £1440 per month to YOU.
3. If EVEN 1% UPGRADE – 1% of 720 is 7.2, multiplied by £20 is £144 per month to YOU.
We will pay you cash monthly, and will need name, address, phone, email and a copy of identity for each Researcher. Accounting for this payment and submitting relevant accounts in your respective country is entirely up to you – but as you can see; it’s a very lucrative and flexible work-at-home opportunity, especially given the amount of Italian restaurants and pizzeria’s worldwide.
Obviously the first people in, get their local areas of responsibility first, and once that area is complete, can ask to be responsible for another area.

You can work as little or as much as you want, and when you want – hours to totally suit you.

Do 40 hours per week if you want:
40, times 60 per hour, times 4 weeks per month = 9600.
9600 per month in the database.
At 20% of 9600 is 1920, multiplied by £20 is £38400 per month to YOU.
But we only want decent Researchers that can research, pay attention to detail, and enter accurate data correctly – people spelling names and addresses incorrectly only reflects badly on our website. As such, if you want to be one of our Researchers (or know anybody that does), please apply here, and then email with only the words “Italian Affiliate” in the emails subject field (pay attention to spelling or capitalisation), and tell us a little about yourself, and the local area you initially wish to be responsible for (first come, first served; if we select you). Be sure to include your full name, postal address, phone number and email address within this email.
We will notify successful Researchers in due course. Successful Researchers will then be asked to provide a copy of their identity:
  • over 16’s – photo of NI Insurance Card or passport, and recent utility bill in last 3 months with current address present.
  • under 16’s – photo of Birth Certificate or passport, plus photo of parents letter of consent, and parents passport and utility bill with current address present.

Please feel free to share this post far and wide – at present the offer is only open to residents of Australia, Canada, Europe (must have good spoken and written English Language skills), Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the USA.

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