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Directors and Assistant Directors

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Directors and Assistant Directors, Acting, Performing and Musicians, Production Sound Mixers, Sound Designers, and Sound Recordists
Title Music Director
Categories Acting, Performing and Musicians, Directors and Assistant Directors, Production Sound Mixers, Sound Designers, and Sound Recordists
Job Information

A music director is a business management professional who selects the music used in movies. Also called a ‘music supervisor’, these professionals oversee the composer and other musicians involved in creating music for a movie. Their job is to create the atmosphere of a movie through the soundtrack selection. Because of this, obtaining permission to use songs on a movie’s soundtrack is a major component of the job.

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Title Assistant Movie Directors
Categories Directors and Assistant Directors
Job Information

Assistant film directors assistant the Director in the overall production of a film. Responsibilities may include interpretation of the script, casting, camera angles, sound mixing, and editing. Recent applicants of film directing and filming programs generally move to where the majority of the work in film directing and filmmaking is located, names London, Continental Europe, New York or Los Angeles.

Required Education

Assistant film directing is closely related to screenwriting and cinematography. Alternatives to formal education in filmmaking include related vocational and apprenticeship programs. Aspiring film directors may also take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities provided by professional film directing and filming associations that include on-set experience.

Skills Required

Assistant film directors should know how to be diplomatic so that they can deal with cast, crew, studio staff, and executives effectively. They typically seek out opportunities where they can use their creative and visionary skills to transform a written script into a filmed motion picture. Film directors also need solid technical and business skills like camera operation, budgeting, and organizational skills.

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Title Movie Directors
Categories Directors and Assistant Directors
Job Information

Movie directors are responsible for the interpretation of a written script, using their vision and creativity, along with organizational and technical skills, to deliver a complete motion picture. A career in directing movies is a high-pressure job, working under strict deadlines, budget concerns, and balancing numerous personalities and responsibilities. The 2007 Celluloid Ceiling Report indicates that the overwhelming majority of movie directors are male, although opportunities for female directors are growing.

Required Skills

Movie directors need creativity and vision to bring a written narrative to the big screen. Diplomacy is also a required skill for movie directors, balancing the demands of a production schedule with the needs of the cast and crew. Movie directors also need good business skills to keep projects on schedule and under budget.

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