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Film Marketing

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Film Marketing, Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Title Marketing Movies
Categories Film Marketing
Job Information

Marketing provides film seller with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to pursue management positions in several fields related to the sales and promotions of movies, short filoms, television programs and advertising trailers. In these positions, you will get a solid foundation in the principles of marketing through training in finance, strategic planning and database management. We specialize in fields including digital marketing and brand management.

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Title Graphic Designers
Categories Film Marketing, Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
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Graphic designers create and assist in the creation of graphic imaging and illustrations for businesses. They produce printed materials, such as brochures and book covers. They also create graphics and designs for non-printed materials, such as websites and movies. These materials are normally used for sales, marketing, or advertising purposes. Graphic designers collaborate with a variety of people, such as other designers, art managers, sales personnel, and corporate executives.

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