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Job: Film Producers

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Title Film Producers
Categories Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Job Information

Film producers are responsible for the behind-the-scenes decisions for movies, such as those regarding film finances, script selection and cast management. Film producers aren’t always required to have certain educational credentials.

The business decisions associated with films are managed by producers. They might choose scripts, find funding, hire staff and supervise production crews. Producers may also negotiate salaries and uphold union contracts. Producers are also involved with a film’s development and provide approval on creative decisions. Rehearsal times, locations and daily activities are often coordinated by producers.

Additional job duties of a producer may include observing rehearsals, filming and post-production activities to ensure quality. After the film is finished, producers may help execute a marketing plan to help publicize the film. Some producers are self-employed, while others work for film studios. Producers often need writing skills to prepare proposals in hopes of acquiring the rights to a script.

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