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Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers

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Film Marketing, Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Title Production Managers
Categories Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Job Information

Production managers ensure that film, television and theater productions stay on schedule without going over budget. They must understand all aspects of production, both on and off the set. While formal education is available, experience is the most relevant qualification for this position, and most production managers work their way up from a variety of stage and office positions.

Production managers typically supervise a team that includes the production coordinator and assistant directors. They are responsible for hiring, budgeting, scheduling and handling insurance issues on the set. They must also ensure that the production complies with all safety, guild and union regulations. Production managers typically work with scripted, reality or live television, as well as new media, film or theater production companies.

Production managers must be highly organized with strong communication skills and problem-solving abilities. They must also be familiar with budgeting software specific to the film and television industry. While production managers may not need in-depth technical skills, they must understand how each department can affect the budget and the schedule. Production managers must be able to handle many things at once, from hiring crew members and resolving equipment issues to creating daily reports and making sure permits are up to date.

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Title Film Producers
Categories Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Job Information

Film producers are responsible for the behind-the-scenes decisions for movies, such as those regarding film finances, script selection and cast management. Film producers aren’t always required to have certain educational credentials.

The business decisions associated with films are managed by producers. They might choose scripts, find funding, hire staff and supervise production crews. Producers may also negotiate salaries and uphold union contracts. Producers are also involved with a film’s development and provide approval on creative decisions. Rehearsal times, locations and daily activities are often coordinated by producers.

Additional job duties of a producer may include observing rehearsals, filming and post-production activities to ensure quality. After the film is finished, producers may help execute a marketing plan to help publicize the film. Some producers are self-employed, while others work for film studios. Producers often need writing skills to prepare proposals in hopes of acquiring the rights to a script.

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Title Graphic Designers
Categories Film Marketing, Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Job Information

Graphic designers create and assist in the creation of graphic imaging and illustrations for businesses. They produce printed materials, such as brochures and book covers. They also create graphics and designs for non-printed materials, such as websites and movies. These materials are normally used for sales, marketing, or advertising purposes. Graphic designers collaborate with a variety of people, such as other designers, art managers, sales personnel, and corporate executives.

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Title Production Designers
Categories Producers, Production managers, and Production Designers
Job Information

This refers to the overall look and composition and is the responsibility of the production designer.

Film and video production designers engage in filmmaking tasks that prepare them to create a range of work, including narratives, documentaries and independent films. Throughout their experience, candidates might gain skills in cinematography and videography, sound design, lighting and editing to develop creative personal voices in movie making using both film and digital cameras, to work with editing software programs, like Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premier and After Effects.

Production designers film and video experiences, that address topics such as:

  • Media aesthetics
  • Visual storytelling
  • Screenwriting
  • Screen directing
  • Sound production
  • Motion pictures
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