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Job: Sound Designers

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Title Sound Designers
Categories Production Sound Mixers, Sound Designers, and Sound Recordists
Job Information

Sound designers create sounds for film, television, theater, video games and music. Regardless of whether one plays a musical instrument, this field is well suited to a person with natural musical ability and an innate sensitivity to one’s sound environment. A postsecondary non-degree award or certificate is generally required for sound engineering technician positions.

Sound designers are responsible for the overall sound for a production. They create sound effects and edit musical scores. In the post-production stage of a soundtrack, they may add or remove ambient noise. Video game sound effects can greatly enhance the realism and excitement of the medium.

Sound designers mainly work in a sound studio, either their own or that of a production company. In the studio, they may create sounds digitally, using computers and technical software, or naturally, using physical objects and props. Designers who create sounds naturally are sometimes called Foley artists.

High levels of creativity and skill are involved in determining how best to create a sound effect. After dissecting the required effect, they use real-world sounds to improvise each component. Some designers work in the field to record natural sounds to be used for a soundtrack. From these recordings, they compile a sound library to be used for future work. Designers also use sound libraries of recordings available from other sources, such as universities, or purchase them from third parties.

Sound design is a very specialized field that combines technical skill and creative ability.

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