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Job: Trainee Actors

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Title Trainee Actors
Categories Acting, Performing and Musicians
Job Information

Actors depict characters in stories using their voices, appearances, bodies and gestures. They can work in movies, television, commercials, theater, theme parks and clubs. While working as an actor, they perform for entertainment and informational purposes. Actors can play main characters or supporting roles, and they must audition for casting directors to land a part.


After securing a role, the actor studies the script to learn about the character and memorize the speaking parts. Sometimes scripts change during rehearsals, and actors may find themselves memorizing new lines. Some parts may require actors to sing, dance or perform stunts.

Actors work under the director who advises them on how to portray the characters. To bring the character to life, actors change their voices, dialects, facial expressions and other traits. In addition to wearing costumes, actors use props, which they must learn to use appropriately.

Actors rehearse often, especially for live events where there is little room for error. Long and variable working hours are sometimes required, as well as travel. Actors sometimes have to endure unpleasant working conditions, such as bad weather, harsh stage lights, heavy costuming and little preparation time.

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