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Job: Video Editors

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Title Video Editors
Categories Video Editing, and Video Editors
Job Information

Video editors consult and collaborate with directors and producers to assemble movies, documentaries, commercials, and instructional videos.

A video editor evaluates a body of film or video footage, chooses among the shots he or she prefers, and assembles them into a coherent whole that tells a story or presents a viewpoint. Duties include consulting with the director and producer about storylines, viewing and making logs of raw footage, trimming and splicing footage, and adding sound effects, special effects, and music.

Required Education

A video editor can improve their job prospects with a bachelor’s degree in film studies (or a related field), experience from an apprenticeship, or a combination of both. However, the position requires no formal education. Courses in a film studies degree program might include video directing, set design and lighting, conventional video editing, digital video editing, film editing, sound recording, sound editing, digital imaging, and computer animation.

Required Skills

A video editor needs to have in-depth knowledge of video editing software, as well as sound artistic judgment. They must also have excellent communication skills and be willing to collaborate with other artistic professionals to produce an outstanding movie, television show, commercial, or music video.

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