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Job: Visual Effects Technicians

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Title Visual Effects Technicians
Categories CGI Artists and Visual Effects (VFX) Specialists
Job Information

Visual effects technicians, sometimes referred to in the industry as special effects technicians (which is wrong, in that special are in camera, visual effects are post production), use computer software programs to create virtual worlds and characters for movies and television shows. These technicians need a fine eye for detail and the ability to follow a director’s artistic ideas. Although not essential as experience is preferential, most technicians possess a bachelor’s degree in art with a focus related to digital media

Creating animation effects for film, television, and the Internet, multimedia artists use computer software programs to produce computer generated imagery (CGI). These individuals use special computer applications to color, shade, and morph images as needed. Within the motion picture industry, visual effects technicians blend film segments of real actors with CGI elements to create the appearance of interaction between actors and a virtual world.

O*NET Online states that visual effects technicians, as multimedia artists, also draw storyboards that help the director position the actors to best interact with CGI elements that will be added in post-production editing. Technicians also meet with the director and film crew to discuss what CGI effects are needed and how they should look onscreen.

Most employers require multimedia artists to possess a bachelor’s degree that focuses on animation and digital media, such as a fine arts degree. A portfolio often includes several drawing classes, software and graphic design, motion design, 2-D and 3-D imagery, animation techniques, and digital illustration.

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