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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is making a website appear within the top of the organic search results, which are the free natural listings (not paid sponsored results). Given that most searches produce hundreds of thousands of results, if not millions, it is imperative your website designer is very experienced in best search engine optimisation practices. PJT Flow Creativity Ltd have been SEOing websites to the top of the search engines since the advent of the internet, and long before Google became a mainstream search engine. They have placed many websites at the top of Google – kindly ask for some examples and client references.

Put simply, the higher your website appears in the search results, and the more search terms it appears for, the more visitors you will receive on your website. The more visitors you acquire, the more customers you will gain. As each visitor comes from a free search, money spent on good Search Engine Optimisation offers a high return on investment. Websites should be optimised for many types of search – geographical, local, image, video, news and industry-specific searches all play a vital part in bringing visitors to your website and business.

From 2015 more searches have been carried out on mobile devices than on desktop PC’s to responsive designs of website are paramount. Effective keyword research is important to ensure you are best placed for all related keywords and phrases to the products and services that your business offers. This is often equated again your level of competition on any related keyword (KEI) so as to bring you in the maximum amount of free visitors possible to your website.

Be warned of companies that promise the world with top results, as search engines regularly change and rotate their ranking algorithms and nobody can guarantee immediate top placement for your website. It is often a time consuming task requiring regular search engine placement observation, on-page optimisation techniques, Social Media Marketing and continuous off-page SEO techniques.

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