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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the practice of gaining business attention and increasing traffic to your business website through creating content and offering avenues of viral shares across Social Networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social Media Marketing consultants focus on creating interesting content with fundamental elements designed to attract attention, compelling visitors to share your content with their peers.

Alongside this attractive content, the facility for social media users to create user-generated content on your website such as logging in with their Social Network accounts, commenting and review systems all adds to the discussion and interest of your original content. Planned and managed correctly PJT Flow Creativity Ltd can give your products and services effective viral word-of-mouth recommendation.

As this word-of-mouth viral user generated content resonates, be it it positive, negative or neutral perspectives on your product or service, the content is deemed to appear to come from a trusted source, ie the friend sharing, liking or commenting, and is deemed an earned recommendation rather than content your company or web designer has written about yourselves. Should these reviews be restricted or moderated to potential, existing or present customers only, it isn’t too difficult to build a portfolio of positive comments by third-parties, promoting and recommending your business products and services. An important part of your website strategy should be great Social Media Marketing.

PJT Flow Creativity Ltd have years of experience in best levering the Social Network platforms to gain maximum attraction for your website, and social network backlinking is also good for the off-page search engine optimisation of your website.

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