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Tim Wade’s Communications and IT career

Tim Wade:

Firstly please let me tell you a little about myself, regarding my comms and IT career:
I’m an honest trustworthy guy, that does what he says he’s going to do, and have delivered top answers in Google for many companies and clients – and across a broad spectrum of industries. As well as web design, I’m ex 10 years British Army (Combat Medic/Advanced PTI/B2 Radio Operator) and from that communications background moved into network engineering and the web prior to Y2K. I’ve been a specialist in designing websites from the ground up for the best position in Google, since Google was invented. I’m also a 50% shareholder in a leased datacenter for any web or email hosting or cloud storage requirements you may have.
On the homepage of my website you’ll see the calibre of my clients from back in the UK. Since the Army, I’ve been a Senior Customer Engineer with Computacenter (Britain’s largest IT Services company), Senior Network Specialist for the University of East London, and IT Manager of quite a large UK Gas Company; before running my own businesses. I’ve been a Novell CNE since IntranetWare 4.11, and a Microsoft MCP/MCSE since NT4.
I wonder if your business could benefit from either a new, or a second/third/fourth website, being top of Google for your local area, and for whatever products and services you may wish to sell?
I now live in Italy, in the Alps, nearby Turin/Torino and France, where after 10 years travelling Europe and N. Africa, I’ve settled, bought a small holding, where I farm, and am a semi-professional snowboarder in winter (around my other business interests).
But I still have a lot of time for producing top-level results for clients regarding the web, their computer, network and server support (also voice and video for call centres is no problem), and generally managing their overall happiness in keeping their IT support problems to a very minimum (I can actually eradicate anything but hardware error), and ensuring qualified sales leads are at a maximum. Too many companies throw away business by not being contacted by the very people proactively searching to buy their product. So far in my life I am yet to find a client who hands me a computer issue or problem that I haven’t provided a top-level solution to. Kindly have a read of the references supplied on my website (I can introduce you to any of them, as well as other very satisfied and happy clients).
So, if you have a massive full time project, or just want to expand your online presence with me just doing a few hours per week on your behalf – please get in touch.  My email is and I’m on Skypename: tim.internet (please send a quick note to introduce yourself so I know to accept) – I’m open to working all hours, am flexible on meeting budgets, and will try my best to meet your scheduled requirements of workload.
I look forward to hearing from you and helping your business realise its full potential.
Kindest regards,
Tim Wade.
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