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Website Design with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

onpage Search Engine Optimisation and complete Google indexingSearch Engine Optimisation (or SEO as it is called in the web design industry), is the study and highly technical skill of naturally ranking a website highly within the search engine results for any given keyword or keyword phrase, and against an ever changing Google Pankrank Algorithm. Tim Wade and FlowCasa have been in the field of Google SEO since Googles launch and its mainstream search engine use, and the websites created all feature onpage Search Engine Optimisation and complete Google indexing as standard.

A high position in Googles organic search results (the natural search results, not the paid Sponsored listings at the top and top right) are free business marketing, and directly connect you with the buyers presently proactively searching to buy your product or service – THEY WANT TO BUY IT, and are actively searching to do so!

Tim Wade and FlowCasa will research the current number of monthly searches for all keywords and keyword phrases, related to your products and services. And research all of the most searched keywords and phrases relating to your industry and local geographic area. Alongside the number of competing websites for each keyword. And we’ll specifically build your website from the ground up to gain maximum Google search result exposure for high search engine visibility across all of your companies products and servicesLINKING YOU WITH NEW CUSTOMERS.

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